Exclusive Surrogacy Opportunity in Kyrgyzstan – Secure Your Parenting Journey

Some important updates regarding surrogacy procedures, especially considering the recent changes in laws affecting such processes in various countries.

As of February 2024, commercial surrogacy procedures in Georgia will no longer be available (https://www.financeuncovered.org/stories/georgia-ban-low-cost-surrogacy-new-life). 

Additionally, it’s crucial to note that Cyprus Law currently provides protection to surrogate mothers. In cases where a surrogate mother refuses to surrender the baby after giving birth, the court tends to favor the surrogate mother over the intended parents. This shift in legal dynamics has led us to recommend a more secure alternative for intended parents – our clinic in Kyrgyzstan.

Our Surrogacy Program in Kyrgyzstan offers a legally protected process that prioritizes the rights of intended parents. To ensure legal compliance, prospective parents must enter into a formal agreement with the surrogate mother, which is then signed and notarized. Kyrgyz law takes a firm stance, treating any refusal by the surrogate mother to hand over the baby as a kidnapping case, leading to her arrest.

Our comprehensive surrogacy package in Kyrgyzstan includes:

Selection of egg and/or sperm donor (if needed)

Hormone treatment and ovum pickup for one cycle

In vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo report after day 5/6 for one cycle

Choice of surrogate mother

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) into the surrogate mother

All necessary tests and scans throughout gestation

Translation and notarization of fully executed contracts

Processing of the birth certificate

Upon signing the agreement with the surrogate mother, the intended parents will be recognized on the birth certificate. This is contingent upon the surrogate mother signing the giving-up-of-rights document post-birth. Our package includes all legal documentation, ensuring the surrogate’s compliance through thorough translation and notarization.

Once all necessary documents are in order, the issuance of the birth certificate can be expedited, potentially taking as little as one day after the signing and notarization of the giving-up-of-rights document.

The contractual obligations stipulate that the surrogate mother must assist with all legal documents, and she must agree to this condition before signing. The cost for this comprehensive surrogacy package is $85,000.

If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle at First Fertility Bishkek or via email. I would be happy to connect you with our clinic in Kyrgyzstan to discuss this exclusive surrogacy opportunity further.